"Do you find airplane seats to be high-tech torture chambers? At cocktail parties, do you stand with your legs spread into a wide V so as not to tower over others? When you were a kid, did everyone expect you to be good at basketball? If the answer to these questions is yes, run out and get this book."

-Dan Akst, in his review in The Boston Globe, June 28, 2009

"This is a funny and lively book that belongs--quite literally--on the top shelf of American literature. One of us 'talls' will be happy to get it down for you."
-Steve Rushin, 6'5", Sports Illustrated columnist and author of Road Swing

"Given her smarts inquisitiveness and warm wit, I'd follow Ms. Cohen up any learning curve. With the Tall Book, her assignment is personal, and richer for it. The result is a real resource for giants of all ages (and those who love them). Not since Randy Newman's 'Short People' have those of us of a certain stature had a better rallying cry."
-Brad Wieners, 6'7", editor, Men's Journal

"As a twelve-year-old told to act my age and not my shoe size, I could honestly say, 'They're the same.' Arianne Cohen has written a book for everyone, like me, who grew up (and up) to be proud of their height."
-Rebecca Lobo, 6'4", Olympic gold medal basketball player and ESPN commentator

"A volume with enough smarts, laughs and heart to win over even our diminuitive reviews editor (who, long ago, founded an unsuccesful anti-tall hate-group). Six-foot-three Cohen covers many taken-for-granted challenges facing talls, including public toilets, exercise bikes, doorways, couches and airplanes. Cohen has been frustrated, ever since she was a 5'3 eight-year-old that no one has written a book about tall people (The Dewey Decimal index didn't even assign a classification number to tall people. Surely the world kidded). She fixes that problem handily with a guide both practical and proud, and with enough self-deprecating humor to charm readers of any height; an ideal gift for talls, their loved ones, and (perhaps) their jealous detractors."
-Publishers Weekly, May 25, 2009

"If you're a man taller than 6'3" or a woman over 5'9", meet your new bible."
-David Lidsky, Fast Company Magazine, June 2009
"The Tall Book towered over my expectations, and should be within arms reach of anyone
of any age or height whos ever wondered about the long and short of it all. Cohens intelligent writing is engaging and hilarious as she tackles the tall order of honestly addressing all the boosts and shortcomings (ha!) that come with every  extra inch--from why talls make more money to how complicated it is to find anything that fits, from pants to plane seats to life partners. BUY IT!"
Nancy Redd, 5'5", New York Times bestselling author of Body Drama

1. Do you know someone who's tall? They'll like this book. Promise.
2. Tall-related things happen to tall people constantly--and The Tall Book explains what the hell is going on.
3. Tall is gorgeous. Tall girls need to be reminded of this constantly.
4. It's a "tall" book--the hardcover is extra tall. Cool.
5. It's the must-own reference for tall folks everywhere. Sorta like the dictionary, but more fun. And it involves a tall revolution. Power to the talls!

the Book
The TALL Book [signed copy]The TALL Book [signed copy]
by Arianne Cohen

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Do you know someone who's tall?
This book's for them.

Tall people:
Smart. Wealthy. Successful.
Presidents. Oscar winners. CEOs.
Scrunched into airplane seats. Unable to find good clothes. Why?

Arianne Cohen--all 6'3" of her--takes us on a tour of Tall World, traveling from endocrinologists' offices to the annual European Tall Club Convention, to unlock the mysteries at the center of talldom: Why do tall people succeed professionally, financially and intellectually? Why are tall men the most successful dating and mating group on earth, while tall women have low birth rates? And who the hell is behind those airplane seats?

Part investigation and part personal story, The Tall Book follows Arianne as she circles the globe, meeting the tallst people in the world, questioning them on how to raise a well-adjusted tall kid, and, yes, becoming one half of America's tallest couple.

Lively, witty and erudite, The Tall Book is a must-read for the tall and not-so-tall--or anyone searching for the secrets of living the high life.

On bookstore shelves and June 16, 2009 (Bloomsbury).

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