Arianne made a big discovery while researching The Tall Book: most companies are simply unaware that their products don't fit tall folks. Arianne called company after company, and they all said the same thing: Really?

Thus, once a month we're contacting companies and letting them know how they can better accommodate the wonderful top 15% of the population. After all, tall folks hold a quarter of the world's wealth, and are happy to spend it on products that fit.

How can you get involved? Two things:

1. Send me your ideas of products that don't fit.

2. Stop purchasing products that don't fit tall! Money talks, and there's no reason to be buying couches or pants or coffee mugs that almost fit.

3. Subscribe to the email list, by clicking the "Contact" tag above (right), and adding your email address to the mailing list. When it's time to contact companies, I'll send out an email asking for personal notes explaining why you like the product, and how you wish it could be better suited to your body.

Did you receive estrogen or testosterone treatments to reduce your height? Or did you receive leg surgery? Ari is working with researchers to create a database of people who have received treatments, for future follow-up studies on the longterm effects of treatments. (There is no record of treatment for the vast majority of patients, so doctors have no way of studying the longterm effects unless former patients identify themselves.)
To be added to the database, please send an email to, with:
-the years and location of your treatment
-your name
-mailing address
-email address
-your height
[Disclaimer: This information is confidential, and will be used only for research database purposes.]

tall calculator
Tall people make $789 more per inch per year than shorter counterparts. Calculate how much more you make than your friends.